Hope you had a beautiful celebration of Easter. Our Church services were pretty well attended. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Priests, Deacon, Sister, Lectors, Eucharist Ministers, ushers and all volunteers of the Parish most especially Martha Martinez for their selfless service and commitment.

Special thanks to Denise and the Choir members for their superb singing and sweet melody. It was absolutely delightful.

The Youth Group acted out the Station of the Cross beautifully everyone was marvelous. The music was absolutely splendid. Kresentia trained the youth excellently. Ziyi was superb on the organ. It was a great program. Congratulations to everyone of them.

Our weekly collection is always around $4,000.00 sometimes $5,000.00. Special occasions like Christmas and Easter its pretty good. Last week on Palm Sunday the collection was $6,326.00. Thanks for your goodness and generosity.

Its impossible to meet our expenses with a small collection. My appeal to everyone please pay your pledge to Generations of Faith, kindly support Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. If you can afford prayerfully consider increasing your weekly donation by a few dollars. It’s not easy for me speak about money matters. But that’s the only way to keep our Church in great shape and above debt.

-Fr. John