From the Pastor’s Desk…

Church Windows: Thanks for the compliments. It is a slow process and will take some more time to install the rest of the new windows. By the end of September all the work should be completed.

Pews: Perhaps many people have not noticed. Already some pews have been finished, and are at the middle of the Church on the right hand side. They look new. I am told the pews are made of oak wood. They look lovely.

Flea Market: It was our biggest fund raiser. Charo made the greatest sacrifice, helping the Parish to pay its bills. With the Flea Market closed we find it very difficult to pay our bills . We have no idea what we can do. It is hard for everyone. Please remember to support the temple of God.

Line Dancing: We are told the Line Dancing Group may close though we are not very sure. Archie the main leader of the group isn’t feeling that well. Last week they made a donation of $352.00.

The new bench: Once the bench is installed in front of the Christmas tree, Monday to Friday, it will be chained. We have no problem with anybody using it. Some people bring little children with them and they run around in the parking lot unsupervised, in addition to leaving garbage behind. When they are asked to clean up and leave, they express their displeasure. Plenty of times they are not Christians. The Blessed Mother means nothing to them. A key will be available in the rectory to open the chain. Parish group leaders, including Priests, Deacon and Sister will also have a key. Any questions, please call the rectory office.

Weekly Collection: Last weekend was a long holiday weekend with heavy rain, the Church attendance was pretty poor. Of course the collection was affected. It was $4,250.00 Please help making it. Thanks so much.

The trip to the Sight & Sound theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was excellent. Everyone enjoyed and loved it. The Show entitled “Jesus” was absolutely beautiful. It was definitely better than any Broadway show. Many thanks to Bernie and Amy for organizing the visit. Many were touched. To experience Jesus just be there. God bless you.

Fr. John