From the Pastor’s Desk…

Please welcome Reverend Nixon Andres Herrera Diaz to our Lady of theAngelus Parish as a Parochial Vicar. He is 46 years old and comes from Colombia. He has been in the USA 10 years ago and worked in the Archdiocese of New York.At the moment I do not have too much information about him. We have sponsored him and for his Visa, which he has obtained. He will be here sometime in the first week of May. To be on the safe side I have requested Msgr.
Edward Wetterer to say Mass on Sunday, May 5th and Fr. Johannes the following two weeks (May 12th and 19th).

The good bye farewell for Fr. Oscar will be held on Sunday, April 28th following the 11:30am Mass in the Church basement.

The Passion Play Performance was absolutely magnificent. The acting, the music and the singing was super and beautiful. Everyone present loved it. The Divine message was powerfully conveyed. This year was better than the last year. We would want more young people join the youth group. We also want the
parents to be involved with their children’s Faith Formation. We want more positive activities for the young. Parents involvement is very important for helping and supporting youth minister.

Thanks and God bless you all.

-Fr. John