Proper attire for Church

Please dress appropriately for Church Services. Beach attire is absolutely unacceptable. We have Air Conditioning in the Church. Remember that when you are
in Church, you are in the presence of Jesus Christ.

To all the Groups Leaders

It’s very important you receive permission from the pastor Fr. John before you invite a Priest even one from the Diocese. No priest should step in the
OLA Parish with out Fr. John’s permission. Out of courtesy the invited priest must say hi or thanks to the Pastor. That is the normal custom followed universally by the Roman Catholic Church. Please follow it. It makes no sense that you invite someone for a good cause and you yourself do not follow simple rules and regulations. Please respect rules and regulations.

Please leave the Church in good order and doubly
check that the exit doors are properly locked.
Please bear in mind the presence of the Blessed
Sacrament. Thanks
Fr. John

From the Pastor’s Desk…

The Day of Recollection and renewal was a good success in all, there were 95 people. Fr. Baltazar and Deacon Edwin were excellent. Quite a number of people mentioned Fr. Baltazar’s talks were very inspiring and profound
in both languages. He is a good speaker and he is much in demand. Many commented the food was delicious.
Sr. Xaveriana and the team of volunteers did a great job.
Thanks to all and God’s many blessings.
Fr. John


Christmas is the feast of the presence of God, who comes among us to save us. The birth of Jesus is no fable! It is an historic event which truly occurred in Bethlehem two thousand years ago.
Let this Christmas be for each one of us, not only a celebration of material things, but more importantly the celebration of the Name of Jesus. The name means salvation, it means Emmanuel, God is with us. Let this name be always in our hearts. This name is food for meditation, a light for our eyes, a balm in pain, a strength in adversity. That glorious name makes our life beautiful. Blessed be the name of Jesus now for ever.
To all… We extend. Priests, Sisters, Deacon and Staff of Our Lady of the Angelus our prayerful best wishes for a joyous and blessed Christmas. We are
deeply grateful to all of you for your generous support of the Parish and for all that is accomplished in the life of the Parish.
As we humbly ask your prayers, we assure you of ours.
-Fr. John

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to support Our Lady of the Angelus’s mission of spreading the Gospel here in Rego Park. Please consider:

1. Cash, check or weekly envelope donations. If you are not currently receiving envelopes, please call rectory office to register.
2. Bequests – Have you included the Church that you love in your will? No gift is too small.
3. Gifts of real estate or property – houses, vehicles, boats, etc.
4. Gifts of appreciated securities – gold, silver, and artwork.
5. Life insurance gifts – annuities or gifts payable upon death.
6. Stocks or bonds.
7. Combined federal campaign and other workplace matching contributions.

If you would like to support St. Brendan with a donation, please call (718) 897-4444 or mail your donation to:

Our Lady of the Angelus
63-63 98th Street
Rego Park, NY 11374
(718) 897-4444

Your generosity is greatly appreciated! God Bless you and your family.

Parish Calendar

Pastor’s Desk – November 10

Considering the weather conditions, the support provided to disaster relief of Hurricane Harvey, and Maria, the Earthquake in Mexico and the Mission Appeal; the International Food Festival was a great success. The total money raised was $7,735.00. Million thanks to the wonderful Parishioners who provided delicious food for the occasion. Grateful for the volunteers, the members of the Parish council and all others for the set-up; putting up decorations, cleaning up and for devoting time, energy and money. Practically, many countries of the Parish were represented. With the fund raising efforts, helps us to pay our increasing number of bills.
The following are the names of the winners of the Raffle: 1st.Prize Rosa Starke, 2nd Prize Hercilia Chavarro, 3rd Prize Rosa Fernandez, 4th Prize S. Subramanaim. Congratulations.
Our Parish collection last week was $4,640.00. We need minimum $7,000.00 to comfortably pay our bills. Our Youth Minister Kresentia Silaban is in need of many volunteers. Our Youth group is doing excellent. They need your support and appreciation, if you are interested please call the rectory office or contact Sr. Xaveriana.
God bless you.
Fr. John

Religious Education

Registration for new students and Re-registration for current students will be available at the back of the church this weekend. Sister Xaveriana will be there to help you.

Necessary Documents:
– Baptismal Certificate
(One copy for the religious Education records)
– Proof of Previous religious Education
– Proof of Sacraments already received.
– Application Form

Tuition for one Students is $100
Additional Fee for First Communion is $50
and for Confirmation is $70
Please make checks payable to Our Lady of the Angelus
Religious Education.
For more information please contact Sr. Xaverina at

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