Food Pantry

We want to sincerely say thank you to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Bishop Sanchez and Father Passenant for donating plenty of food for our Food Pantry.
Our Food Pantry is open every first Saturday of each month from 10AM to 11:30AM We always need and appreciate your food donation to maintain and keep our Pantry stocked.

From the Pastor’s Desk…

We want you to bear in mind, this year we had tremendous expenses. The pews are beautifully done, the parking lot looks amazingly great and
the windows are marvelous. The house of God must look beautiful and lovely, so that effortlessly we can raise up our hearts and minds to God.

The Youth Group presented a fantastic Musical concert on Saturday December 8th after the 12 Noon Mass. They are gifted and well talented
youth. The performance was out of this world. Practically all of them have beautiful voices Kresentia and Ziyi Tao worked hard and donated plenty of time and energy to train the young people. The youth behaved well. Parents must be proud of their children.

A big thank you… to Julio Roman, Julia Brucato, Nora, Rosemarie, Heidi and Paz Casapao for their devoted fund raising for the Church. Right after the Masses on Sunday they sell coffee and some food. They raised $3,144.00 both for charity and for the Parish. Let such a giving of their time continue and may God’s abundant blessings be upon them.

We need more volunteers for different Ministries for the Church. There are young people and we want them to come forward and offer to serve
God, parishioners and the Church. Please call the rectory if interested and leave your name and number. God bless our young people.

Fr. John


Stewardship is Thanksgiving. It is giving thanks for all God has given us: All of our time, our talents, and our treasure. Stewardship is how we manage our entire lives and includes what we give back to God for God’s work throughout the Church.


Our parking lot looks great. The contractors did an excellent job. Thanks to all for your cooperation. I received positive comments from some parishioners who saw the parking lot. There was quite a number of potholes and some spots were dangerous, now it is smooth and level.
The Church bathroom has been well painted by one of our parishioners, Ricardo Santellanes. He is a specialist in painting. He volunteered his time and energy for the Church. In the event you have a paint job, please call the rectory and we will provide his number . Muchas gracias Ricardo.

Christmas Fair
The Fair was beautiful and some of the donated gifts were excellent. The volunteers did a marvelous job. Everyone’s cooperation was splendid. After all payments and expenses the parish made $1,719.00.

A million thanks to every participant.
Fr. John


The Food Festival was absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious and plentiful. I have no words to say thanks to all those who prepared and donated such delicious food. All those selling food representing their countries did a great job and did it with delight. The food was splendid and tasty. Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was respectful and considerate. It was a wonderful sight to see so many people so kind to one another. The decorations and the set up was good. The music was outstanding. Everyone was having a great time. The children were having plenty of fun. They were dancing gloriously. The entire program was marvelous. The credit goes to everyone who made the event fabulous and superb. After all expenses, Parish made a net profit of $8,250.00 including the raffle which is very good. God bless every single one of you, and keep up the good work.

1st. Prize $400 – Ar Sarban #2398 – 2nd Prize $300 – Jods Sarban #2399
3rd Prize $100 – Isabelle Bautin #454


Please bring new and unwrapped toys to the rectory Before December 16th.

Please continued your past generosity


All Raffle books must be returned to the Rectory before November 17th, 2018. Thank you for your cooperation.


We always need and appreciate your food donations to maintain our Food Pantry. Please bring non-perishable food items, and please check the expiration date before donating. Thank you for helping us to feed the hungry.

We are accepting turkeys for the Food Pantry to be distributed for thanksgiving. Please bring your donations to the rectory. Thank you.


We would like to request everyone to faithfully make their payments to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Thank you for your generosity


In response to the devastation wrought upon the southeastern part of the United States and beyond, in the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and in an effort to offer assistance to those significantly affected by these terrible weather events in
Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, etc.
I write to you once again requesting your assistance. On Sunday, November 4th, 2018; there will be a Voluntary collection at all the Masses.
The funds will be distributed through the Catholic Charities National Disaster. Once again allow me to thanks you for your generously