All Groups

It is of paramount importance when groups invite Priests to OLA they must receive Fr. John’s prior approval, even if the priests belong to our Diocese.
If they are from outside the Diocese in addition to receiving approval from Fr. John they need a letter of good standing from their Dioceses sent to Fr. John a minimum of 3 to 4 months in advance, so that this information can be sent to our Diocese. All Groups, please follow this rule faithfully. Thanks for your cooperation.

Pastor’s Desk – November 19

A very happy Thanksgiving from the Priests, Deacon, Sisters and the entire staff of Our Lady of the Angelus to each and everyone of you, we wish you abundant blessings, peace and joy. On this beautiful day let us raise our hearts and minds and give Him praise and thanks for His benediction.

On this splendid day, we also want to thank God for the wonderful Volunteers who dedicate their time energy and some times money for the growth of the Parish. May God reward them amply.

Our Food Pantry program gave out more than 75 turkeys to the needy and deserving for this Holiday Season so they have a blessed thanksgiving celebration. Please continue supporting our Food Pantry. It helps many needy families. We give glory to God for your sacrificial donation and support. Last week The total amount of the collection was $4,634.00.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Fr. John

Pastor’s Desk – September 3rd

Stained Glass Windows
The Company manufacturing the exterior protective glass for our new windows will be ready in a couple of months. Manufacturing the stained \ glass windows is a slow laborious process. The company is trying its best to install at least one stained glass window by Christmas. If anyone is interested in memorializing a loved one, please call the rectory office.

Youth Ministry
Kresencia J. Silaban has stepped forward to help and guide our young people in the Parish. She is dynamic and enthusiastic. All those who would like to volunteer to direct and train our young people, please call Sr. Xaveriana.

Before getting involved with the young, attending Virtus is absolutely imperative. We can also arrange some talks from personnel in the Diocese. Our Youth Program will begin the first week of October.
Fr. John