As you exit the Church, please place the Missalettes Prayer card in the holder in front of you. Also kindly remove rubbish and leave the pews clean. Our pews have recently been refurbished and they look lovely.

Please do not take the chairs from the Church Sanctuary (Altar), they are precisely meant for the altar.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


ARISE TOGETHER IN CHRIST, a new approach to
spiritual renewal an deepen faith, develop a closer relationship
with Christ, grow in the community and reaching
out to others. This program will start next week, for
more information please call Sister Xaveriana.


Thank you very much for your generous
donation of $1,525.00 for Karala Relief Fund.
Thank you for your kindness.


With regard to invitation to Priests, please bear in mind, that for whatever celebration in the Parish you need Pastor’s Permission even if they are priests of the Diocese. Thanks for your cooperation.

From the Pastor

The 24 Hour Devotion to the Holy Eucharist was a very great success. A good number of people attended. Some people had a profound Spiritual experience practically everyone had a positive word to say.

The volunteers did an exceptional job. They were always available to help. Some worked tirelessly to help. Many people brought very good food. We had all types and excellent food. It was very kind of people to donate delicious food.

The talks were superb and everyone appreciated it. They were well prepared and profound. The different groups were lively and inspired. The music and singing was splendid. It was a lovely and intense religious experience for many. Zillion thanks to all and abundant God’s blessings.

Fr. John

YOUTH GROUP (Grades 7-12)

The group meets Saturday morning from 10:45AM to 1:00PM in our Lady of the Angelus School Gym. Dates and time are subject to change. The Goal of YOUTH MINISTRY is to provide an encounter with Jesus, so that you can eventually allow Him into every part of your life. We will have a lot
of fun, but at the same time seek a better relationship with Jesus through faith centered activities, faith lessons and discussions. Please bring your Bible and friend. If you have questions, call me at 347-239-8177. I look forward to meeting you and having you as a part of our group. Don’t forget to register after the Mass at the entrance of the Church.
Kresentia Silaban
Youth Minister

From the Pastor

We hope you had a restful summer. Please take advantage of the 24 Hour Devotion. In your fervent prayers remember our Parish and the people
including the Priests, Sisters and Staff. Please invite your family and friends. Eucharistic Devotion has worked miracles in the life of families.
The Southern state of Kerala in India is suffering its worst monsoon flooding in a century, with more than one million people displaced, and more
than 400 reported deaths in the past weeks. Heavy rainfall have caused dams to open their floodgates, triggered landslides in the mountains, and swamped the coastal regions of Kerala. Only in recent days have floodwaters begun to recede, allowing more access for aid workers and rescuers to reach the devastated areas. In an effort to give aid and support to our brothers and sisters in need in India; Bishop DiMarzio has asked that every Parish in the Diocese take up a voluntary collection on September 30th, you will find white envelopes in the pews. Please continue to pray for these people and please be generous in the help that you give to them.
God bless you all!
Fr. John

Mass Book for 2019

The Mass Book for 2019 is open.
Please stop by the Rectory to book your Mass during office hours.


Registration for new students and current students is available
this weekend at the entrance of the Church after all the Masses.
All children who attend public Schools from grades 1-8 are
urged to attend Faith Formation classes.

Necessary Documents:
Baptismal Certificate
Proof of previous Religious Education
Proof of Sacraments already received
Application Form

Tuition for students $100 and Additional fee:
First Holy Communion $50
Confirmation $70

Please make checks payable to Our Lady of the Angelus Religious Education.

For more information please call Sr. Xaveriana
@ 718-896-4388 or call the rectory office.


RCIA classes for adults begin on Sunday, September 9th, 2018 at 8:30am in the Rectory Basement.

All Adults who have not received Baptism, Communion or Confirmation are invited to come for information and registration to take instruction for receipt of these Sacraments.

Registration will be on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 at 8:30am in the rectory basement.

You may also register at the Rectory office at any time during office hours.

For more information please call the Rectory office @ 718-897-4444