Letter from our Pastor – Fr. Tom Pettei Carta de nuestro Párroco

Dear Friends,

Today’s feast of Christ the King is the last Sunday of the liturgical year.  Our gospel presents us with a final judgment scene, with Jesus as the just judge of all.  The ultimate question raised by this scene is simple: What are you doing for your brothers and sisters, the “least ones”?  How are you and I treating our neighbors in need?  Perhaps this pandemic has focused us more on the “essentials”—not just what we want or need, but how well we care for one another?

What may be most startling in this gospel passage (Matthew 25) is that those being judged did not see that their actions toward their brothers and sisters in need either proved their love for Jesus or their indifference.   So, for us, the point is clear: how we use the time, resources, and blessings we have will show how much we love Jesus.  Whether we care for the poor, the weak, the abused, the prisoner, the unborn and even the sinner proves our love.   Jesus is asking us in this gospel how much we really care about others.  We are called to respond with selfless love.  As the feast of Thanksgiving approaches, we can take time not only to give thanks for the blessings we have received—we can consider how Jesus expects us to share them with the neediest of our world.

This week everyone is invited to join in a special Thanksgiving Eucharist–celebrated this Thursday morning, Nov. 26th at 9:00 A.M.  Please join the parish (either in person or via the internet) as we together give thanks to God for his many gifts and blessings in our lives.

Peace and blessings,

 Father Tom


 Queridos amigos,

La festividad de Cristo Rey que celebramos hoy marca el último domingo del año litúrgico. El evangelio nos presenta una escena del juicio final, con Jesús como el justo juez de todos. La pregunta fundamental que nos plantea esta escena es simple: ¿Qué están haciendo ustedes por sus hermanos y hermanas, los “menos afortunados”? ¿Cómo tratamos a nuestro prójimo, al más necesitado? Quizás esta pandemia nos ha enfocado más en lo “esencial”, no solo en lo que queremos o necesitamos, sino en cómo nos cuidamos los unos a los otros.

Lo que puede ser más sorprendente en este pasaje del evangelio de San Mateo es que quienes fueron juzgados no se percataron de que sus acciones hacia los más necesitados daban muestra de su amor por Jesús o de su indiferencia hacia Él. Entonces, para nosotros, el punto es claro: la forma en que utilizamos nuestro tiempo, nuestros recursos y las bendiciones que Dios nos da, van a ser muestra de cuánto amamos a Jesús. Si cuidamos de los pobres, los débiles, los abusados, los prisioneros, los que están por nacer e incluso los pecadores, eso demuestra nuestro amor a Él. Jesús nos pregunta en este evangelio cuánto realmente nos preocupamos por los demás y estamos llamados a responder con un amor desinteresado. A medida que se acerca la fiesta de Acción de Gracias, podemos tomarnos un momento no solo para dar gracias por las bendiciones que hemos recibido, sino también podemos considerar cómo Jesús espera que  compartamos esas bendiciones con los más necesitados de nuestro mundo.

Esta semana, todos están invitados a participar en una Misa especial de Acción de Gracias, que se celebrará este jueves 26 de noviembre a las 9:00 a.m. Únanse a la parroquia (ya sea en persona o por Internet) y así podremos  juntos dar gracias a Dios por sus muchos dones y bendiciones en nuestras vidas.

Paz y bendiciones,

 Padre Tom.

For any pre-scheduled Mass or Group Gathering, it’s very important that you receive permission from the pastor before you invite a Priest to be a celebrant,  a Deacon to be a preacher or to assist at any celebration and a lay speaker, even one from our Diocese.

No priest, deacon or lay speaker should minister at the Parish without the pastor’s permission.

When Mass has ended, please leave the Church in good order and ensure that the exit doors are properly locked; bear in mind the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thank you and God bless you.


Annual Catholic Appeal

The parish goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal has increased. For 2020 and beyond it will be $45,499.00. Through your donations, the Diocese offers many service and support programs.

Please continue your support to Annual Catholic Appeal, any excess above our parish goal will come back to our parish. Thank you for your generosity.

God bless you all!

Proper attire for Church

We ask that everyone to please dress appropriately for Mass or any other service. Shorts or beach attire are not acceptable, we have air conditioning in the church. Remember that when you are in church, you are in the presence of God.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.