Letter from our Pastor – Fr. Tom Pettei Carta de nuestro Párroco

Dear Friends,

This weekend’s Gospel describes Jesus as he enters the Temple in Jerusalem and casts out the moneychangers—driving them out, and symbolically driving out the corruption that has taken place in “his Father’s house.”  Do we encounter God “in the temple,” in our churches built in his honor? Do we see ourselves as temples of the Holy Spirit?

In its deepest sense, a church is as holy as the lives of the people who gather there.  If we approach the “temple” with humility, realizing our own weakness and strengths, as well as those of our brothers and sisters in the faith, we will be able to hear the Word of God as we encounter Jesus in our churches, in our places of prayer.  Indeed his Word will challenge us; it will challenge our own consciences; it will call us to a deeper conversion and to a change of heart; it will invite us and our church to continue on this Lenten journey with him, that we ourselves might be cleansed as we make our way to the celebration of Easter.

We keep in our prayer these days the catechumens—now the Elect—throughout the world who are preparing to join the Church at Easter.  This week they celebrate the first of the Scrutiny rites, asking God to help them see where they need to change and be more open to God’s ways.  May God do the same for us as well!

Peace and blessings,

 Fr. Tom


Queridos amigos,

El Evangelio de este fin de semana describe a Jesús en el Templo de Jerusalén y echa fuera a los cambistas y mercaderes, expulsándolos y expulsando simbólicamente la corrupción que estaba tenido lugar en “la casa de su Padre”. ¿Y nosotros, encontramos a Dios “en el templo”, en nuestras iglesias construidas en su honor? ¿Nos vemos a nosotros mismos como templos del Espíritu Santo?

En su sentido más profundo, una iglesia es tan santa como la vida de las personas que se reúnen allí. Si nos acercamos al “templo” con humildad, reconociendo nuestras propias debilidades y cualidades, así como las de nuestros hermanos y hermanas en la fe, entonces, podremos escuchar la Palabra de Dios al encontrarnos con Jesús en nuestros templos, en nuestros lugares de oración. De hecho, su Palabra nos desafiará; desafiará nuestras propias conciencias; nos llamará a una conversión más profunda y a una transformación de corazón; nos invitará a nosotros y a nuestra iglesia a continuar esta jornada de Cuaresma con El, para que nosotros mismos también seamos limpiados al continuar nuestro caminar hacia la celebración de la Pascua de Resurrección.

Pedimos a Dios por los catecúmenos —ahora los elegidos— de todo el mundo.  Ellos se preparan para ser recibidos en nuestra iglesia católica en la vigilia de Pascua. Este fin de semana celebran el primero de los ritos de escrutinio, pidiendo a Dios que los ayude a ver dónde necesitan cambiar y estar más abiertos a los caminos de Dios. ¡Que Dios haga lo mismo por nosotros también!

 Paz y bendiciones,

 Padre Tom

Annual Catholic Appeal

Our parish goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal  2021 is $45,947.00. Through your donations, the Diocese offers many service and support programs.

Please continue your support to Annual Catholic Appeal, any excess above our parish goal will come back to our parish. Thank you for your generosity.

God bless you all!

For everyone’s protection

For any pre-scheduled Mass or Group Gathering, it’s very important that you receive permission from the pastor before you invite a Priest to be a celebrant,  a Deacon to be a preacher or to assist at any celebration and a lay speaker, even one from our Diocese.

For everyone’s protection, no priest, deacon or lay speaker should minister at the Parish without the pastor’s permission.

When Mass has ended, please leave the Church in good order and ensure that the exit doors are properly locked; bear in mind the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thank you and God bless you.


Proper attire for Church

We ask that everyone to please dress appropriately for Mass or any other service. Shorts or beach attire are not acceptable, we have air conditioning in the church. Remember that when you are in church, you are in the presence of God.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.