The Stain Glass window job is a slow project. They are presently installing the protective glass. Each stain glass will take time because each piece is especially prepared. Hopefully, everything will be over by September-October. The company has a good reputation,
and many parishioners have expressed great satisfaction. Thanks for the compliments.

The New Evangelization Group has brought to my attention that Fr. Osmin Vargas will not be able to attend the Eucharistic Celebration during their Retreat on Sunday, April 22nd in the School Auditorium.

Last weekend the collections were $5,800.00
God bless you for your sacrifice to our Lady of the Angelus.
Fr. John


The following candidates who received the Sacraments on Holy Saturday and Easter Celebration are:

Baptism: Ziyi Tao, Johny Cruz

Communion: Miguel Ramirez, Christian Perez, Wader Juez, Marilia Pierre-Paul, Jennifer San Andres, Johny Cruz, Yair Jimenez, Corbin Focht, Cesar Duran and Marilyn Duran Chunir

Confirmation: Christian Perez

Full Reception: Ellen Clark

Special Blessing: Reynaldo Genao (Confirmation on Pentecost Day), Juan Cortes (Continuing Formation)

Congratulations to all! May God bless them.

Many Thanks to Deacon Edwin, Pauline & Adolfo Reid and Maria Santos for their dedication of their time in order to prepare RCIA candidates to grow in faith of Christ our Savior.


After group meetings please leave the Church in good condition, everything in proper order. This also applies to the rectory basement, Parish
Hall and School Auditorium.


The New Evangelization Group has brought to my notice that they have invited Fr. Osmin Vargas to our Parish on Sunday, April 22nd for the Eucharistic celebration during the Retreat in the School Auditorium. He was very cooperative and a great support and asset to me. He was involved in the Parish in many different ministries. As I mentioned at his reception I pleaded with the Diocese not to transfer him. He was such a blessing in so many ways.
Please give him a great welcome by being present at the Eucharistic Celebration.

Our Easter celebration was absolutely magnificent. All Holy Week Services were crowded. People still pleasantly remember the Youth Group Presentation of the Passion of Christ. My profound thanks to them. Many thanks for your generous donation of $7,577 for Easter. God bless you all.
Fr. John


During the flu Season, Bishop suspended the distribution of Holy Communion under both forms. Now we are inviting you to receive Holy Communion and the Precious Blood of Christ. Reminding the faithful to use common sense and precautions when they attend Mass.

ALERT from the Diocese of Brooklyn Office of the Chancellor

As a follow up to the Alert sent regarding Reverend Roberto A. Cadavid on June 23, 2017, it has recently been made known to us that several credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor have been filed against him. He has no permission to function as a priest in the Diocese of Brooklyn nor does he possess the ministerial faculties to do so.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call the Chancery at 718-399-5990.


Hope you had a beautiful celebration of Easter. Our Church services were pretty well attended. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Priests, Deacon, Sister, Lectors, Eucharist Ministers, ushers and all volunteers of the Parish most especially Martha Martinez for their selfless service and commitment.

Special thanks to Denise and the Choir members for their superb singing and sweet melody. It was absolutely delightful.

The Youth Group acted out the Station of the Cross beautifully everyone was marvelous. The music was absolutely splendid. Kresentia trained the youth excellently. Ziyi was superb on the organ. It was a great program. Congratulations to everyone of them.

Our weekly collection is always around $4,000.00 sometimes $5,000.00. Special occasions like Christmas and Easter its pretty good. Last week on Palm Sunday the collection was $6,326.00. Thanks for your goodness and generosity.

Its impossible to meet our expenses with a small collection. My appeal to everyone please pay your pledge to Generations of Faith, kindly support Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. If you can afford prayerfully consider increasing your weekly donation by a few dollars. It’s not easy for me speak about money matters. But that’s the only way to keep our Church in great shape and above debt.

-Fr. John



Pope Francis has asked our Parish to support the Pontifical Good Friday Collection, which helps Christians in the Holy Land. Through this collection, you stand in solidarity with the Church in the Holy Land as a witness of peace, supporting Catholics there in Parishes and schools, maintaining Christian Shrines and caring for refugees in the Holy Land.
Thank you for your generosity.

Passion Play “It is Finished”

The Passion Play “It is Finished” presented by Glenn Mohr Chorale was absolutely splendid and deeply moving. The turn out was pretty good in spite of short notice. I wish there were more people in attendance. Many people had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. It is a beautiful way to prepare for Lent leading to the Resurrection of Christ.