Message From Fr. John, Mendonca, our Pastor

I want to share with you two announcements: The first is that, after nearly eighteen years as your pastor, I will be retiring on June 30th. It has been truly a blessing to serve you over these many years and I want to thank you abundantly for your prayers and support during this time. With your assistance, I was able to accomplish many projects and make the church look beautiful. Bishop has permitted me to remain in residence in the parish rectory during my retirement for your information; I will remain in residence in the parish rectory during my retirement.

My second announcement is that the new administrator of the parish will be Father Tom Pettei, who is presently the pastor of our neighboring parish, Resurrection-Ascension in Rego Park. He will continue as pastor there as he begins the administration of OLA. This sharing of clergy is happening more frequently these days with the limited number of priests available to serve in that capacity and the large number of parishes in our diocese.

Father Tom recently completed his assignment as Episcopal Vicar for Queens, serving nearly six years in that role. Before that, among other assignments, he served as pastor of St. Nicholas of Tolentine in Jamaica for seven years and pastor of St. Raphael’s in Long Island City for ten years. Please welcome him to our community.

God bless you.
-Fr. John, Mendonca

Message From Fr. John, Mendonca, our Pastor

COVID – 19



Parishioners Registration Drive is only for those not registered. Please abstain from registering if you are already registered. The registration form will be placed in the pews this weekend of February 22/23. We noticed new faces in the Church at services in English and Spanish. Perhaps they are not registered and we want everyone registered.

There will once again be anointing of the sick following the 9AM Mass on Saturday, March 21st. during the Season of Lent. On Sundays especially for the 11:30AM Mass. We ask you to park your vehicles in the School parking lot. Church parking lot is too small and becomes too crowded.

Thank your for your cooperation.
Fr. John


Parish Youth Group had a Retreat organized by Cecilia, the Youth Minister on February 8th, 2020. It was a day of Prayer and meditation, In addition they also had, games and music. Everyone loved it, the young people had a good time. Thanks to Cecilia and the organizers. God bless all!

We didn’t get the opportunity to say good bye or have a reception for Fr. Robert Mirsel who was assigned to THE UN VIVAT INTERNATIONAL his residence was at Our Lady of the Angelus. He served our Parish and said Masses assigned to him with gladness. He was always ready to help out. He lived a low key life and was available to our people. Of course, he did great for the Indonesian Community.

We are planning to have a collection for his Ministry on the weekend of March 7/8. There will be small white envelopes placed in the pews for this donation. This donation will be totally optional.

We will have a Registration Drive only for those not registered. Please abstain from registering if you are already registered. The registration form will be placed in the pews the weekend of February 22/23. We noticed new faces in the Church at services in English and Spanish. Perhaps they are not registered and we want everyone registered.

Thank you and God bless you!
Fr. John

Annual Catholic Appeal

The parish goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal has changed.
It used to be $38,980.00. For 2020 and beyond it will be $45,499.00. Three of us Sr. Xaveriana, Julio Roman and myself attended the Annual Catholic Appeal meeting. In addition to the presentations, there was a family with three children one of whom was an infant. Two of the children were completely supported by ACA money to attend Catholic School. The children are bright kids. The Diocese performs many developmental programs. Please continue your support to Annual Catholic Appeal.

God bless you all!
-Fr. John




The Christmas Fair was magnificent. Parishioners gave good gifts as donation. The parish Council members and the volunteers worked very very hard. Tom Galfano, President of Parish Council, Nancy Ambrosio, Maria Torres, Julia Brucato were all in charge. They did a great job. Julio Roman kept the hall clean and neat, his
strenuous efforts required vigorous exertion. Not too many people attended, that was a great disappointment. Normally, we have the Christmas Fair the first
Sunday of Advent, maybe the second Sunday of Advent is not an appropriate date, people are at the mall shopping for Christmas. In the future,we will be careful. Thanks a million for your gifts and vigorous endeavor.

God Bless you All!

-Fr. John


Parish support envelopes are placed at the rear of the Church. Please pick up your box of envelopes as soon as possible and make sure to take the correct one. Thank you for your cooperation.


Holy Land trip: We had a beautiful time. It was deeply spiritual and everyone had a good time. There was a spirit among us, that’s difficult to describe. It was absolutely profound, of course, we prayed for our Parish and our people. We had a wonderful guide and good driver. The hotels were delightful and the food was delicious. Everything was perfect. Thank you to all the participants for joining us in this wonderful pilgrimage and thank you
for your cooperation. God bless our Parish.

Interfaith Service: There were more than 200 people. The interfaith service was very touching and moving. The hymns and music of different faiths was magnificent. People loved our Church. People freely intermingled and appreciated each others faiths. There was a sincere spirit of fraternity and solidarity fellowship. It was nice to know people of various beliefs coming together to understand and value each others doctrines. Sr. Xaveriana worked hard to prepare the booklet and organize the service. We wish more of our people attended in order to learn about other religious and practices. We have this interfaith services every year but at different locations. We had kosher and regular food. Everyone enjoyed the service and had a lovely time.

God Bless all!
Fr. John

Happy Thanksgiving

A very happy Thanksgiving from the Priests, Deacon, Sisters and the entire staff of Our Lady of the Angelus to each and everyone of you, we wish you abundant blessings.
On this beautiful day let us raise our hears and minds and give Him praise and thanks for everything.
We also want to thank the volunteers from the Sales of Filipino Food who help Julio Roman who initiated this project and together with the help of the following volunteers:
Julia Brucato, Paz and Ethel Casapao, Mary Comedia, Heidi de Asis, Nora Molino, Rosemarie Petrassi, Sylvia Balajadia and Liston Lobo, raised the amount of $7,293. 00
Million thanks for their effort, hard work and dedication.
God bless each of them!