All Children who attend public and private schools from grade 1-8 are urged to attend Faith Formation Classes.
Registration for new students and for current students will take place on June 15th and 16th after all the Masses in the back of the Church.

If you have any questions concerning our Religious Education Program, please contact Sr. Xaveriana at 718-896-4388 or the Rectory office 718-897-4444.


Following is the appointment letter of Bishop DiMarzio to Fr. Nixon Herrera. “The Most Reverend Luis A. Maldonado Monsalve, bishop of the Diocese of Mocoa-Sibundoy in Colombia has granted you permission to pursue ministry in the Diocese of Brooklyn. You are hereby assigned as Parochial Vicar, to offer your services to the Reverend John Mendonca, Pastor of the Parish of Our Lady of the Angelus, in Rego Park. In order that you may be able to exercise your priestly ministry for the spiritual welfare of the faithful, I am granting you the faculties of the Diocese of Brooklyn. This new assignment becomes effective on May 6, 2019.

I am also happy to grant you general delegation, in order that you may be able to officiate marriages within the confines of the parish of Our Lady of the Angelus. The renewal of these faculties is contingent upon the permission of your Bishop, and is not to exceed a total of five years.”

With an assurance of my continued remembrance of you and your ministry in my prayers and at the celebration
of the Eucharist, I am

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Ph.D.,D.D.

The above letter is the general format the Bishop follows in the appointment of Parochial Vicar (Associate) In the case of Fr. Nixon, Bishop mentions, he wants to personally meet with him.


The St. Vincent De Paul give back to our Church is $75/200 per vehicle. Maybe you don’t have a vehicle, but a family member, friend or neighbor has an old or neglected
vehicle in their driveway that they would like to dispose of. Please call St. Vincent de Paul at 718-491-2525.


This Sunday, there will be a special Mother’s blessings at all Masses. Envelopes are available at the entrance of the Church for your intentions, then we will place them at the Altar.

From the Pastor’s Desk…

Please welcome Fr. Nixon Andres Herrera Diaz to our Parish. He is from Colombia. It will take a while for him to completely get involved. He is a full time Parochial Vicar of the Parish. He is 46 years old. He was working alone in his Parish. He had been in the USA 10 years ago and worked in the Archdioceses of New York for 2 years. He is open to start one more Spanish Mass on weekdays.
On Sunday, May 5th 2019, there was a beautiful Celebration of Evening Prayer on the Third Sunday of Easter, presided by Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church, Jamaica; to honor distinguish Parishioners of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. Two of our Parishioners Frank Salviolo and Sheila Peeters were conferred with Diocesan Honors. The ceremony was very good and St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church was packed with people. Though many people from our Parish deserve the honors, the diocesan limit was only two. We congratulate them for their time, talent and treasure.

God bless them and bless us all!

Fr. John


The Most Reverend Octavio Cisneros, V.E. Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn
The Following candidates were Confirmed on
Friday, May 3rd 2019 at 5:30p.m.
Althea Marie Ador
Amanda Pauperowicz
Andy Spencer Baez
Alexis Theodora Ingwati
Anthony Ramon Perez
Ashley Isabel Cevallos
Belinda Karen Palaguachi-Ramirez
Christine Abigail Espeleta
Emily Diniz
Evelyn Ramirez
Faith Cruz
Isaac Martinez
Janeth Alexsandra Campoverde
Jennifer Ramirez
Joefrin Rainoso
John Silaban
Kevin Zumba
Nicole Anne Perez
Nicole Damaris Junco
Paula Martinez
Rami Mansi
Sean Nicholas Perez
Vania Pierre-Paul

Congratulations to all
May the Holy Spirit light their way!

From the Pastor’s Desk…

Interfaith Service will be held on November 24th at 4:00 p.m. at Our Lady of the Angelus. This year it is our turn to host it here. Your cooperation and participation is very important. Together lets make it a success.

The following Churches and synagogues are members of the group.
First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills, 112th Street; Grace Lutheran Church 103-15 Union Turnpike; Forest Hills; Reform Temple of Forest Hills, 112th Street;
Forest Hills Jewish Center, 106-06 Queen Blvd; St. Luke Episcopal Church, Forest Hills; Church in the Gardens, Ascan Avenue; Our Lady of Mercy; Our Lady Queens of Martyrs and Our Lady of the Angelus

Advance notice is provided so that, you can mark your calendar. Donations requested: Cookies, cakes, fruits, plates, paper cups ad utensils.

We mentioned in the previous Bulletin that we are planning to reschedule the
times of Sunday Masses, but there will be no changes in the Mass times. Thank you to all the parishioners for your response in regards of these changes. We have decided to continue with the same schedule.

If you are interested in the Men’s Retreat please call the rectory office and leave your name and number and the person in charge will contact you.

We have ordered the Plaque for the Tree of Life. The Company suggested to place it where the Mother Seton Statue is. The Mother Seton statue will have to be moved next to St. Jude and there is plenty of room.

The Parish Pastoral Council has decided to cancel the Dinner Dance. Many people had a good time, they enjoyed eating, dancing and shedding a few pounds.

We will have a Parish Council Movie Night instead, on June 15th at 7PM. Please Mark the Date in your calendar and help make the event a success.

Thank you and God Bless You
Fr. John

From the Pastor’s Desk…

Please welcome Reverend Nixon Andres Herrera Diaz to our Lady of theAngelus Parish as a Parochial Vicar. He is 46 years old and comes from Colombia. He has been in the USA 10 years ago and worked in the Archdiocese of New York.At the moment I do not have too much information about him. We have sponsored him and for his Visa, which he has obtained. He will be here sometime in the first week of May. To be on the safe side I have requested Msgr.
Edward Wetterer to say Mass on Sunday, May 5th and Fr. Johannes the following two weeks (May 12th and 19th).

The good bye farewell for Fr. Oscar will be held on Sunday, April 28th following the 11:30am Mass in the Church basement.

The Passion Play Performance was absolutely magnificent. The acting, the music and the singing was super and beautiful. Everyone present loved it. The Divine message was powerfully conveyed. This year was better than the last year. We would want more young people join the youth group. We also want the
parents to be involved with their children’s Faith Formation. We want more positive activities for the young. Parents involvement is very important for helping and supporting youth minister.

Thanks and God bless you all.

-Fr. John


Reverend Rafael Ernesto Gomez a priest of the Tertiary
Capuchins in Bogota, Colombia who served in
the Diocese of Brooklyn from April 2006-2012 and
had his faculties withdrawn while he was still here.
Father Gomez does not have permission to minister or
to be offered hospitality within the Diocese Brooklyn.

From The Pastor’s Desk…

At the Foot of the Cross performance by the Divine Mercy Prayer Community was par excellence. The entire spiritual program was
prayerfully carried out. The crew was at their best. The Passion play was the high light and it was very well executed.
Congratulations each and every member of the Divine Mercy Prayer Community.
The program helped us to usher in the Spirit of the Holy week. There was an adequate number of people. It was evident many members had devoted quite amount of time, talent and treasure to make the program good and presentable.

God bless all.
Fr. John