Happy Thanksgiving

A very happy Thanksgiving from the Priests, Deacon, Sisters and the entire staff of Our Lady of the Angelus to each and everyone of you, we wish you abundant blessings.
On this beautiful day let us raise our hears and minds and give Him praise and thanks for everything.
We also want to thank the volunteers from the Sales of Filipino Food who help Julio Roman who initiated this project and together with the help of the following volunteers:
Julia Brucato, Paz and Ethel Casapao, Mary Comedia, Heidi de Asis, Nora Molino, Rosemarie Petrassi, Sylvia Balajadia and Liston Lobo, raised the amount of $7,293. 00
Million thanks for their effort, hard work and dedication.
God bless each of them!


The festival was delightfully remarkable. Everyone had a beautiful time. The children had a great time. The food at every table was absolutely delicious. People had nothing but great things to say. A Million Thanks for all those who donated and sold food. We are grateful to the Volunteers who set up the auditorium for the Food Festival.

Everyone worked hard and did it joyfully. The atmosphere in the School Auditorium was lovely. It was wonderful to see people enjoying the food with great pleasure.

Congratulations to the Raffle winners:
1st. Prize Joe Gallagher, Thank you for donating your $500 prize to the Church.
2nd Prize Jeremy Betancourt and 3rd. Prize Laura Antindroy.

After all expenses the parish made a profit of $10,094.00 That’s impressive. Thank you for your support. God Bless You, many thanks to all!

-Fr. John




Thanks a Million for your wonderful wishes and prayers on my 40th Anniversary
of Ordination. It was very nice of you. A journey of 40 years in the Priesthood does not always goes smooth even if you try your best there are ups and downs. Its impossible to please all. I appreciate all those who complimented me for the great work done in our Church. There is also a lot of work done which, unfortunately nobody observes. That is the case with many pastors and administrators. Once again thanks for your greeting and keep me in your prayers. God bless you.
-Fr. John


Please return the sold raffle books as soon as possible before October 25th to the rectory or place them in the collection basket.


We expect Lectors, Ushers and EucharisticMinisters dress appropriately for the Eucharistic or Liturgical Celebrations.

Voluntary Collection

Bishop DiMarzio has asked to have a voluntary Collection for the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. This Special voluntary collection will be taken up at all Masses the weekend of September 28/29, 2019. White envelopes will be placed in the pews for this collection you can drop them in the collection basket. Thank you for your support!

To all the Groups Leaders

It’s very important you receive permission from the pastor Fr. John before you invite a Priest even one from the Diocese. No priest should step in the OLA Parish without Fr. John’s permission.

Please leave the Church in good order and doubly check that the exit doors are properly locked; bear in mind the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.



The Church basement is very well painted. Your cooperation is absolutely important to keep the place nice and beautiful. We ask all parishioners and groups to
make an extra effort to maintain the place neat and clean especially the bathrooms. Its everybody’s job to participate in the clean up.

The Tree of Life Plaque is mounted in the rear of the Church. There are quite a number of people who have made but didn’t fulfill their pledges. We ask them to
complete or finish their pledge. We want to emphasize that those who have not paid their pledge are not included in this memorial. We memorialized those parishioners who pledged between $500 and $2,000 in a picture frame which soon will be displayed next to the Tree of Life Plaque. It is also an opportunity for others to make a donation and add the names of their loved ones on the Tree of Life Memorial Plaque. For more information drop by the rectory office during the office hours.

-Fr. John


No Exposition of the blessed Sacrament the first Friday and Saturday during the months of July and August. This service will return to the normal
schedule in September.

While on vacation do not forget to support our Parish. We continue to be grateful for parishioners that catchup on donations or give advance donations while they
are away for the summer weeks.

Going on vacation and you don’t want to miss Mass? Log on to www.masstimes.org for the local Catholic Church in the area.