Letter from our Pastor – Fr. Tom Pettei

 Letter from our pastor on this Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time— 8/9/2020

Dear Friends,

Where do you hear the voice of God?  For some of us, a great way to hear God’s voice is by being out in nature…perhaps by the water, or in a park, or just watching a beautiful sunset.  Or you may be able to discern God’s voice in a quiet moment at prayer, whether in the church, or in your own room.  If we take time to ponder the Holy Scriptures, we should surely find God speaking to us there; but it may take some time to make the connection between God’s word and our own life at that moment.

In this week’s Scriptures we find Elijah, fleeing in fear for his life, hiding in a cave.  And he is told to listen for the Lord, who would be passing by.  Elijah discovers the Lord, not in wind, earthquake or fire, but in a “tiny whispering sound”—perhaps where we would least expect to find him.  In the Gospel, the disciples are out in the boat.  It is stormy, they are going against the wind, and it’s late at night.  Then, in the darkness, Jesus comes walking to them on the water—but they don’t recognize him, in the midst of that storm.  He comes to bring them courage and peace.

There are many storms that affect our lives and can affect our faith as well.  As we continue to navigate these stormy times, can we seek out God’s voice in the midst of it all?  As surely as he came to the aid of his disciples in the boat, he is near to us, at all times.

Peace and blessings,

Father Tom


Queridos amigos,

¿Dónde escuchamos la voz de Dios? Para algunos de nosotros, la mejor manera de escuchar la voz de Dios es el estar en medio de la naturaleza… tal vez junto al mar, en un bosque, o simplemente viendo una hermosa puesta del sol. Tal vez podamos discernir la voz de Dios en un momento de silencio en oración, ya sea en la iglesia o en nuestra propia habitación. Si nos tomamos el tiempo para reflexionar con las Sagradas Escrituras, seguramente vamos a ver que Dios nos habla allí; pero puede que no hagamos la conexión entre la Palabra de Dios y nuestra propia vida en ese momento.

En las lecturas de esta semana encontramos a Elías, huyendo y temiendo por su vida, escondido en una cueva. Y se le dice que esté pendiente y que busque al Señor, quien pasará por allí. Elías descubre al Señor, no en el viento, ni en el terremoto o el incendio, sino en un “pequeño y suave murmullo”, tal vez en donde menos esperaríamos encontrarlo. En el Evangelio, los discípulos están en la barca. El viento estaba fuerte y era contrario; ya era de madrugada. Luego, en la oscuridad, Jesús viene caminando hacia ellos en el agua, pero no lo reconocen en medio de la tormenta. Él viene a llenarlos de valor y paz.

Hay muchas tormentas que afectan nuestras vidas y pueden también afectar nuestra fe. A medida que continuamos navegando en estos tiempos tormentosos, ¿podemos buscar la voz de Dios en medio de todo lo que nos pasa? El seguramente vendrá a nuestra ayuda, al igual que fue a ayudar a sus discípulos en la barca, porque Jesús está cerca de nosotros, en todo momento.

Paz y bendiciones,

Padre Tom

Due to Covid -19, no group meetings of any kind are allowed until further notice.

No group meetings or gatherings of any kind are allowed at this time.
Please hold your meetings & prayer groups virtually and not in person.

For any pre-scheduled Mass, it’s very important that you receive permission from the pastor before you invite a Priest to be the celebrant,  even one from our Diocese.
No priest should minister at the Parish without the pastor’s permission.

When Mass has ended, please leave the Church in good order and ensure that the exit doors are properly locked; bear in mind the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thank you and God bless you.

Annual Catholic Appeal

The parish goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal has increased. For 2020 and beyond it will be $45,499.00. Through your donations, the Diocese offers many service and support programs.

Please continue your support to Annual Catholic Appeal, any excess above our parish goal will come back to our parish. Thank you for your generosity.

God bless you all!

Proper attire for Church

We ask that everyone to please dress appropriately for Mass or any other service. Shorts or beach attire are not acceptable, we have air conditioning in the church. Remember that when you are in church, you are in the presence of God.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.