About Us

Welcome to Our Lady of the Angelus! As a parish church in the Rego Park neighborhood, we are a community of everyday people in which Jesus Christ is central to all we do. Together we hope to transform our city with the love, hope, and compassion of God. We invite you to visit us and consider our parish your new home. We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Our Pastoral Staff:
Rev. Fr. John Mendonca, Pastor
Fr. Nixon Andres Herrera Diaz, Paroquial Vicar
Fr. Robert Mirsel, SVD (In residence)
Fr. Daniel Keohane, Assisting in Liturgy

Deacon Edwin Cancel, Deacon

Sr. Xaveriana Ngene, SSpS, Parish Coordinator
Angela Alvarado, Parish Secretary


Parish Mission Statement:
We, the Faith Community of Our Lady of the Angelus Parish in Rego Park, New York, form a multicultural Congregation which provides support to each other and help to the people of our community.

With the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our spiritual guide we proclaim the word of God at our many liturgies, celebrating the Holy Eucharist and administering the sacraments reaching out to our parishioners.

We are committed to serve our community with our Time, Talents and Treasure. We support services for the elderly, the homebound and the youth with education, sports and spiritual formation.

We seek to become the Kingdom of God through spiritual, educational and social activities.