From the Pastor’s Desk…

Thanks a lot for the donations of toys for the Children. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. We had adequate number of toys. Some toys were distributed to families in need, deserving
children of the CCD program and Catholic Charities.

I also want to thank the Parish Council for all the help it rendered. The whole and sole purpose of the Parish Council is to help and support the Pastor in running of the Parish, it has no other objective. The membership to the Parish Council always has to be approved by the Pastor. We will meet sometime in the near future.

Christmas Celebrations were fantastic. Thanks to all for your cooperation and support. In the New Year, we want to focus on Evangelization, bringing Christ to our people. There has to
be a drive to reach out to the unchurch people. Everyone’s cooperation is very important in this matter.

This year we celebrate Epiphany on its traditional day, as January six happens to fall on a Sunday. Falling twelve days after Christmas, this was regarded as enough time for the Magi to travel to Bethlehem from foreign lands. With their arrival, Jesus is now manifested the outside world. Just as the star in the East symbolized the light of Christ shining for the whole world to see, we are called to manifest Christ in our lives, so others can realize the Good News, wherever we go.

God bless you all!
Fr. John